Sunday, March 21, 2010


Thanks to blind at SMF for finding the cm posted on you tube. In this commercial 5 obstacles were shown.

Number 1

Hell yeah its the jump hang. Thanks to david at smf I knew this. But its my favorite obstacle ever and I'm so happy its back.


Thanks to the japanese that I dont understand I cant see half of this obstacle, but in the video it looks like a mix of the hanging thing from sasuke 23 navi (That obstacle never made the cut) and some sort of rope swing/glider. I see this pwning ALOT, I also have a gut feeling that this will be shingos resting place.

Number 3

I dont know what the people that design the obstacles smoke, but I want some of that stuff. I honestly cant describe this other than its 2 salmon ladders, with a jump between. And look in the top left corner, unstable bridge is back and blind says he see's a spider walk, but I dont see it.

Number 4

First point: Thats definatly Koji Hashimoto.
Second Point: Holy CRAP. That MONSTER makes the shin cliff hanger look like something I could beat (and thats saying something). I think sasuke 25 ends here. Also muscle park might have a little trouble getting this monster into that small room.

Number 5.

Damn this made me crap my pants. Its a mix of the pipe slider (Which I love) and the jumping bars (which I hate). Together its AWESOME. Although I think its a tester, but still HOLY CRAP.

So in short. This era will be by far the toughest yet. I perdict it could take a couple of years until the final is reached.

I might blog sasuke 25 because after it airs I'm off school for 2 weeks after it airs so I will wait and see

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  1. Agreed...the design team must be smoking some really good or really bad stuff.
    Monster Cliffhanger sounds as a good name for that...thing...I don't even dare calling it an obstacle (and yes IMO that's Hashimoto).
    Off school for TWO WEEKS?? Holy cow, you're pretty darn lucky. I managed to blog about the CM but the actual tournament...well I hope you'll be able to blog 25, I want to read it :)

    P.S. Unless he looses his cap earlier -he'll pass if he does :P - I'm afraid I agree about Shingo too :S