Thursday, April 8, 2010



Some magazine guy

Some magazine dude fails rolling log.

Tbs wants us to ea-wait this isn't a cm.

Nope its some dude called Kira Yuuji. I have a feeling he might fail the...

Damn I was wrong, I was going to say Log Grip.

Mr. No Name taking his time, this is a TIMED course.

YAY he moved. Anyway death by dome steps.

Some guy from boy band shinseg.. Shinseu.. Shinsegu.. emm S.Rien yes that will do.

Well your not the only ones that can do cm's

Pivot SASUKE 3. Coming Summer 2010 (If you click you find out who it is so that's why I'm warning you now)

S.Rien Dude fails Jump Hang.

Can muscle park defeat the first stage.

Clear on the jump hang.

Oh come on, there was one of these in Muscle Park last year, sure it was only there for a week iirc but your a friggin DEMONSTRATOR. That would be similar to Yuuji Urushihara failing the Cliffhanger or Salmon Ladder it just doesn't happen, ever, EVER, EVER!!

Now lets look at a digest in reverse order.

That wasnt the full digest. (I'm just lazy)

It kongu time.

Last time he made it to the final stage but timed out on the grope (hehehehe) when IMO he should of been given a redo because of the safety wire guy get the safety wire tangled, maybe tbs didn't want there to be a double kanzenseiha and told the guy to do that purposely because they didn't have enough crappy cars. Also if he won would people of complained about his shoes?

So far so good on the bridge jump.

Another one to barley make the circle slider.

But nonetheless he clears.

I AM KONGU HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woah barley made it.

Next is minoru Kuramoichi AKA Mr. Octopus

Still think I should use the better quality version elsie.

What a surprise. Mr octopus fails the first obstacle

Monday, March 29, 2010


Last time

Yuuji Urushihara KANZENSEIHA. Cue complete renewal

Someone being beaten by the new bridge jump.

Master of PWNAGE AKA Jump Hang.

Death by rolling log

**I have no clue what happened the next few picture**

Circle Slider returns
OMGWTFITSBBQ. Impossible (or ultimate take your pick) cliff hanger

IDK something about how every continent is represented (If I applied /sigh)

Something about there being 3 champs. Champ 1 Kazuhiko Akiyama

Champ #2 Makoto Nagano

Champ #3 Yuuji Urushihara.

People in front of tower.

Contestant #1. I have no clue what your name is.

Not a good start. He fails the dome steps.

#4. Still no name

Through the dome steps.

Down on the log

YAY. Uncli #2/STQ class of 2008 #3/Sasuke 2010 #6 Ryo Matachi. Honestly If there was to be one uncli to get out of the trials I'd want it to be Keita, but ryo is a close second. Also whats with the boom box.

Proving he can pwn the shin-Cliff hanger. Not sure if that's going to help you anymore mate.

Cleared the dome steps and the log

On now to the master of pwnage.

Despite that scare he makes it through

OK on the log.

Cool camera angle on the wall. But he does lose a lot of time here but he ends up making it.

And down on the circle slider. I mean he didn't even come close, bad jump on the springboard cost him

Mr.Hang Glider fails the steps. What a surprise.

Some dude from brukina faso.

Having problems with the log

And he dies on the jump hang.

Comedian Dandy Sakano

He's a comedian, it should be obvious where he fails.

Now we reach our first digest so I'm just going to post pictures of the deaths

Next is from the stq class of 2008/Autumn 2009 (I say autumn so what :P)

He's cleared the first stage, twice. But both times he failed the salmon ladder.

Clears the jump hang

Bridge jump is no problem

Made it past the log grip, and is now on the warped wall.

Barley makes the circle slider

On now to the tarzan rope.

Now to the last obstacle, the rope ladder, still has lots of time

And we have a clear. #18 Jun Sato. Also the earliest clear since sasuke 12 where Koji Yamada was #1.

Damn that was close, came so close to failing.